About Us

Luck Trader was originally created to offer beautiful REAL Four Leaf Clovers as Good Luck Charms and Gifts but has since expanded into manufacturing our own unique range of certified real four leaf clover Keyrings and Jewellery. We also produce an extensive collection of other lucky charms, from Horseshoes through to Birthstones. All our products are well designed and excellent quality and we pride ourselves on both our customer service and attention to detail. We understand how important lucky charms can be to everyone of all ages and for different reasons and occasions. That’s why we make sure that we give you lots of detail on our products on our website and are happy to answer your questions or give you advice in choosing the right good luck charm or gift for you. four leaf cloverWe accept returns and we dispatch your items quickly. We make sure our products are beautifully presented, well packaged and are in full working order before they are sent out to you. This helps avoid any unwanted surprises…you receive what you are expecting to receive, in excellent working condition without fear of damage. We want people to be able to love and cherish our charms without the hassle and stress that online shopping can sometimes bring.

Luck Trader Ltd a family business based in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. At first, our intention was to offer unrivalled service and products to the people of the UK however, fairly quickly our reputation began to spread online and we are now both delighted and proud to say that we are helping customers throughout Europe, USA and from all parts of the world.  We genuinely care about our customers and sincerely hope we can be of some service to you. Please feel free to contact us with any request or questions and we will be happy to help you to the best of our ability.