Celtic Lucky Real Four Leaf Clover Glass Oval Pendant Necklace Silver Plated


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Real Four Leaf Clover Silver Plated Oval Pendant Celtic Good Luck Charm

with Gift Box & Certificate of Authenticity

This Beautiful, High Quality Pendant is silver plated with glass inset featuring a genuine real four leaf clover shamrock from the white clover plant, Trifolium repens. If you were to try and find a four leaf clover it is said that you would have to search through 10,000 three leaf clovers before you find one four leaf clover…that’s why they are so lucky!

This is a perfect lucky gift for anyone who is taking exams, tests, undergoing a life change, as a special gift or as your own personal good luck charm.

There are many fake four leaf clover products on ebay labelled as real, however Luck Trader has been committed to bringing you only 100% guaranteed real DNA tested four leaf clovers for over 5 years and so you can rest assured that you will receive only the genuine article when buying from us.

The oval shaped pendant features the real four leaf clover encapsulated in glass framed by high quality silver plated sides. The pendant itself measures 3.5cm/1.37” high, 2.2cm/0.86” width and 0.8cm/0.31” thick. The high quality silver plated chain is adjustable from 46cm/18.11” to 51cm/20″ in length. Comes ready in a Gift Box with Certificate of Authenticity card inside.

The four leaves on a four leaf clover are said to represent different things according to legend, these are as follows:-

1st Leaf represents HOPE

2nd Leaf represents FAITH

3rd Leaf represents LOVE

4th Leaf represents LUCK

History of the Four Leaf Clover

The Four Leaf Clover is known for its lucky properties around the world and the origin of this belief is ancient, legend states that Eve carried a four leaf clover when leaving the Garden of Eden. The lucky properties of the four leaf clover is probably most famous for it Celtic history, particularly among the ancient Celts of Ireland and Wales where it was used as a charm to keep away evil spirits. The Druids of North Wales held the four leaf clover in particular high esteem.

Give someone you care about this special lucky gift today!


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